Friday, October 2

Maintaining an In-House Medical Device Cybersecurity Program

David Yaeger, Biomedical Security Database Administrator, ProHealth Care, and Rob Bundick, Director Biomedical Engineering, ProHealth Care

At the conclusion of this presentation, attendees will have an understanding of how to get started in creating a cybersecurity program in their own facilities, and if a program is already in place, how to keep progress moving forward for a secure and protected facility.

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The Realities and Irrelevance of Medical Device Leakage Currents

Larry Fennigkoh, Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering

The focus of this session will examine the technical realities and origins of 60 Hz leakage (or “touch”) currents and the necessary, multiple and highly unlikely conductive pathways that need to exist before any form of shock hazard presents itself. While the continued visual inspection of the device’s line cord, plug cap, strain relief and the assurance of ground conductor integrity remain very appropriate components of an electrical safety inspection, the focus on leakage currents need no longer be among them.

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Who is Prepared to Take Your Place? A Plan for Succession

Alan Gresch, Vice President of Client Success, Accruent

This presentation will outline a process for intentionally planning out replacements for every position within your department, including yours.

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HTM Think Tank

Dave Francoeur, Senior VP Marketing and Sales, Tech Knowledge Associates

Please join us for a lively and informational discussion where we will address several issues affecting the HTM field in the foreseeable future. Top on the agenda will be Right to Repair and updates to servicing and re-manufacturing – Medical Device Servicing Collaborative Community response to FDA initiatives initiated by MITA sponsored by FDA. Along with, examining the impact of the closing of 24 colleges, which is expected to result in a shortage of 4,000-6,000 technicians in the next five or so years.

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Basic Finance for HTM

Matt Dummert, HTM Director, Froedtert Health

Basic financial concepts influence what we do as HTM professionals, just as what we do influences the financial management of a health care system. It is a push pull relationship and understanding the financial perspective can enlighten HTM professionals and enable a deeper collaboration with our financial peers.

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BioMed 101 and How We Learned To Love Vacuum Cleaners

Michael Smith, Senior Site Manager, St Elizabeth Hospital

This session will explain the creative teaching that resulted from a pandemic environment and describe how Northeast Wisconsin Technical College moved forward teaching first-year biomedical and HTM students during the initial pandemic wave.

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Creating Compelling Messages & Value for the C- Suite

Alan Gresch, Vice President of Client Success, Accruent

This session will help attendees understand how to:

  • Create a compelling business plan
  • Deliver more than the standard PM/break-fix
  • Help your executives solve their cost challenges
  • Become recognized as someone your executive leadership team can count on for innovative solutions

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Understand and Grow in the HTM Universe

Jina Walls, Biomedical Technician, Loyal Source Government Services

The goal of this presentation is to provide tips to help new employees settle into the workplace quickly, smoothly and efficiently. It will inform and motivate individuals to continue their education in the field of HTM and explain the different entities of the HTM field.

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PRODUCT DEMO: Identify, Optimize and Secure Your Ecosystem of Connected Devices

Paul Vinson, Sr. Systems Engineer at CyberMDX, and Kent Conwell, Regional Director at CyberMDX

Attendees will see first-hand how to optimize connected medical and IoT devices. After exploring the benefits of 360° asset visibility and a centralized view of utilization and performance, attendees will learn best practices for device performance management.